The Finance Department controls the income and expenditure in addition to ensuring effective and efficient financial management of the Assembly.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Prepare and submit monthly quarter and annual financial statement.
  • Ensures that all payment vouches are well kept
  • Receives and keeps custody of public funds
  • Districts funds
  • Helps in revenue mobilization
  • Advises management in matter, relating to finance.
  • Updates management on all monies paid into the Assembly Accounts.

Financial Management
The Controller and Accountant General
a. Compile and manage the accounts prepared in relation to public funds;
b. Issue general instructions to a Principal Spending Officer in accordance with this Act and the Regulation;
c. Keep , render and publish statements on public accounts under this Acts;
d. Develop efficient accounting systems for a covered entity;
e. Approve accounting systems for a covered entity;
f. Receive , disburse and provide secure custody for public funds;