Management of the Fanteakwa South District Assembly on Wednesday 21st June,2023 held a community engagement program at Ehiamenkyene, a town within the District Assembly.

The purpose of the gathering was amid at projecting developmental issues carried out by the management of the FSDA in the district particularly at Ehiamenkyene and solicit views and concerns from the stakeholders regarding progress of work in their community.

This process is in line with section 40 (Act 936) of the local government act which basically encourages citizen participation in the formulation of policies/programmes 

Various speakers took turns to address the gathering on the progress made in their respective departments.

The Head of Budget, Mr Boakye explained the need for the inhabitants to honour their taxes/tolls/rates obligations to the district Assembly as it is a major means of increasing their Internally Generated Fund (IGF) thereby having access to an increment in the Assembly’s share of the District Assembly Commonfund.

He further stated that an increment in the District Assembly Commonfund will lead to a surge in developmental projects across the district.

On his part, the head of the physical planning department, Mr Benjamin Anim, urge property owners to apply for permit before building as it is a statutory requirement in the laws of the land.

Mr. Foster Adu of the works department appealed to the traders in the market to adjust themselves as construction will soon commence amid at rehabilitating the market.

Nene of Ehiamenkyene commended the management of organising the program.

Nene amongst other needs appealed to management to pay compensation due property owners as he has received numerous complaints from his people.

Management, however, added that it will swiftly deal with the pressing concerns raised.  Management therefore pleaded to the inhabitants to honour their tax/rates/tolls obligations in-order to facilitate developmental projects.

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