Key Issues

  1. Revenue mobilization and financial management.

Revenue is the life blood of every organization and the Assembly is no exception  the exits to render essential services like provision of schools, healthcare and road infrastructure among others in the district.

Out of annual revenue GH₵ 987,600 that the Assembly projection set to generate in 2021. The Assembly was able to mobilize GH₵ 867,361,27, which represent 87.82% and commend the collectors for their efforts, He added that note have to be taken on the shortfall and amends to ensure we exceed our target for 2022.

The Assembly will manage all financial resource well to avoid spending to get value for money.

  1. Security and Public Safety

The security situation in the district is generally calm. He added that the reactiveness including regular presence of the security personnel has largely contributed to this and commended the security agencies for their hard work and sacrifices towards the maintenance of peace and order in the Fanteakwa South District.

  1. Education, Youth and Sports

As the saying goes, says if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Indeed, education is the bedrock of the progress of every society. It is for this reason that we at Fanteakwa District Assembly need to put ourselves to the wheel to make education the only choice for the youth of this young District.

The Assembly has also planned the execution of the following programmes for the 2022 and beyond.

  • Enhance the promotion of school enrollment and retention
  • Pre organize periodic science and mathematics fairs
  • Organize STME clinic for especially girls
  • Support organization of best teacher awards in order to encourage and keep dedicated teachers at post.


  1. District oversight committee

The District oversight committee (DOEC) has recently been reconstituted and will be equipped to play its oversight role including inspection, advisory and facilitate unearthing talents and other ways towards total transformation of education in the district.

The District Education Directorate with support of DEOC will ensure the enforcement of the following:

  • Improve reading skills of pupils in all basic schools;
  • Discourage lateness and absenteeism;
  • Encourage enrollment of students in public schools;
  1. 65th Independence Day celebration
  • My first day at school
  1. 2021 West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE)
  2. Basic Education Certificate Examination
  3. Health, Sanitation and Wellbeing

The wellness of a population is the responsibility of every nation. As a critical sector of the economy, the government of Ghana has been designing programmes to achieve universal health coverage and healthy population in line with sustainable development goals.

  1. Update on the covid-19 situation in the District
  2. Sanitation and Waste Management
  • Annual Medical Screening of Food vendors
  1. Social Development
  2. Person with Disability (PWD’s)
  3. Child Protection
  4. Infrastructure Settlement/Development Controls

The district has cause to be proud of its self for what it has been able to achieve so far as a young district, and admit that a lot of work still needs to be done, judging from the feedback received during an engagement on familiarization tour upon my assumption of office with the people, chiefs and opinion leaders.

Also the construction of the new Assembly office complex was completed and handed over to management on Tuesday, 22nd March 2022.


  • Status of street naming and property Addressing Exercise

The District has about 35 communities of which the implementation of the first phase of the street Naming and Property Addressing exercise (SNPA) project was focused on Osino Area Council in four major communities, Osino,Nsutem,Saamang and Juaso. The communities were further segregated and digitized into 12 zones for easy implementation.

  1. Local Economic Development

Agriculture and food Security

The 2021 District Farmers Day celebration was held on Friday 4th December at the Nsutem Community Durbar grounds with a young man emerging as the overall District Best Farmer.

Urged the youth not to see farming for the old but to see farming as business that guarantees sustainable jobs and livelihood.

  1. Strengthening The Sub-District Councils

Meeting the aspirations of our people through deepening participatory democracy and bringing development to every part of the District should be our preoccupation. To make this possible, the Sub-District Councils constitute a critical mass in the provision of basic and essential services to the people especially those at the grassroots. Therefore, their is the need to strengthen all four (4) Area Councils in the Assembly.

  1. Government Flagship Programmes and other Police

It is refreshing to note that the government flagship program in the Agriculture Sector is making great strides in Fanteakwa South District. Out of 35,000 targeted coconut and oil palm seedlings under the planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD), 47,000 was raised and distributed. Also, under the Rearing of food and jobs (RFJ), 200 pig were also distributed to farmers.


In conclusion, the Assembly calls on all for cooperation and unity. Honourable Members, Heads of Department, Traditional leaders and all other stakeholders in the planning and implementation of the programmes necessary for the benefit of our people.


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